Bakersfield Sound: Luthier, Guitar Repair & Guitar Repair Tool Builder

Years ago the headstock of my resonator guitar broke off. I went to my buddy Joe's place and learned how to build a neck for a resonator guitar. Joe did the spray finish on it to match the body.

I just built an electric guitar for myself with direction from Joe. it has an old style Telecaster neck with 21 frets.

The neck was started by my friend Mark. I had to install the frets and dress them. I also shaped the back of the neck to the size and shape I wanted.

The body for my guitar was started by an old friend of mine Dave Maw that has passed away. His guitar body was made from two pieces of poplar laminated and cut to the shape of a Stratocaster. I am more of a Tele guy so I reshaped it to more of a Tele look. I had to make a routing template for the pickups and control panel and neck. Next I routered for the space for the neck, the pickups, input jack and the volume, tone and 3 way control slot. 

Joe did the sprayed finishes on the neck and body for me.

In 2019 I took a course at Conestoga College in Kitchener on Guitar Repair & Design. Dwayne King teaches the course. I took part one and two. Dwayne King owns The Guitar Corner in Kitchener. Dwayne has been doing repairs and building guitars and other instruments for years.