Artist Statement

   One of the most compelling aspects of photography is capturing a precise moment in time. What I strive for in my work is capturing these precise moments and making them accessible to everyone.
   Stylistically, my photography covers a lot of ground. Whether it’s a portrait, a landscape or a music performance, my intention is to evoke a feeling of familiarity yet at the same time awaken and invite someone into my perspective.
   I have always been a watcher of people and places and having a camera close by allows me to capture those moments and opportunities as they present themselves. I'm inspired by the work of many artists.  An important one would be Vivian Maier, a photographer who captured people and everyday situations in a very precise and profound way.
   My interest in photography dates back to photo club in public school. A visit to New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina rekindled my interest in photography - I was shocked by the devastation and inspired by the perseverance of the survivors.
   My recent move to the north shore of Lake Erie has widened my horizons. I have spent many hours exploring the beach with my macro lens. Grains of sand, tiny shells and skeletal remains of fish and birds seem strangely out of context. I like the abstract nature of that context.
   Photography captures moments in time and I always look forward to making time stand still. My photography pushes me forward and informs the way that I regard my world, and the world of others around me.  Evolving opens creative doors, and that's what it's all about.

Quotes about James Dean Photography
“You have an incredible eye my friend, not to mention a wonderful command of your instrument. I really do love the vibe I get from your photos…you seem to be actually taking a picture of the soul of the subject in all it's glory, love, and light, by your 'eye'. Very moving in the best of ways.”
Al Cross, Drummer
"There are many photographers active in Toronto's music scene - but James Dean's work, particularly in the field of blues and roots artists, is unparalleled. Excellent work, images that reflect the artists AND the music they make, and results that are always perfect for publicity, promotional and personal use."
Richard Flohil, Publicist
"James Dean has been the "unofficial official" photographer of The Way We Feel: A Musical Celebration of the Songs of Gordon Lightfoot for over 5 years. His photos are dynamic, imaginative and aptly capture the vibrancy of this yearly musical event. James' easy demeanor and professional focus make him a pleasure to work with."
Jory Nash, Singer/songwriter, Presenter, Photographer
"James Dean has -- at least to my non-professional eye -- a great ability to manage the technical side of photographs. But what I think is more important is his ability to capture moments in performances and elsewhere that sum up the essence of the person and the event. I love looking at his images."
Bob LeDrew, Communications consultant, Board member, Ottawa Folk Festival
 “Just wanted to take a moment and plug JAMES DEAN OF JAMES DEAN PHOTOGRAPHY, for the wonderfully, fabulous great shots from last month!!!! Shooting on this particular wall, in this studio, was his vision, and he really captured an energy...thank you, again, JAMES!!!!!”
Connie Rouble, Mississippi Queen Foods
"As a photographer, James Dean has the unique ability to get close to musicians and capture what makes them unique. Combining a friendly, easygoing approach with a great eye for character, James gets the pictures that show artists being completely themselves, whether onstage or off."
David Newland, Editor-in-Chief, Roots Music Canada
"Thanks James ! These are really top rate photos...  really great work."
Stan Street, Musician and Artist, Clarksdale, Mississippi

"You are a really good picture taker! Enjoyed our visit..."
Roy Book Binder, Singer - Songwriter and Bluesman, FLA, USA
"Thank-you for the wonderful photos, really terrific! I enjoyed all of the others from your fine collection."
David Amram, American composer, conductor, multi-instrumentalist, and author, NY NY


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